My name is Stephanie, and I am changing my life.
That's me!

So. I was seventeen and it was Christmas in my small, Illinois town. My parent's gave me a present; just a simple, small, well-wrapped present. I eagerly opened it and cocked my head to the side. Skinny Bitch, by Rory Freedman and Kim Barnouin. 

I was of average weight for my 4'11" frame. I worked out every day in gym class. My mother explained how it was kind of a joke, as the women in my family aren't really "skinny" by nature and we were always jealous of those naturally skinny women.

Later that night, I cracked it open. In the next few weeks, I was completely vegan. 

That book changed my life. And changed my life. 

Hard times were ahead. I fell off the vegan train after four strong years. College had started and suddenly, my money ran out. I found myself overwhelmed and stressed. I fell into an abusive relationship, and in turn I abused myself. I started smoking, drinking, and eating the worst foods imaginable when I did eat, which was about once a week. My weight plummeted from healthy to a number that should have warranted me a couple trips to the hospital. I got out of the relationship but the trauma stuck with me. I did not stop abusing myself. 

Two years later, I graduated from college. I'm in a great relationship. The worst is over. Struggle is ahead, and I plan on being healthy, fit, and ready for it. I'd like to take you with me on my journey. 

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